Frequently Asked Questions

Travel The World!

YES, you require a valid passport to travel overseas. Most countries require at least six months' validity from your return date to Australia. In case you lose your passport while travelling, contact the nearest Australian Embassy/Consulate in the country of your location so that they can assist you with replacement as you will be needing a passport to leave that country. For Domestic travel within Australia, you can bring any form of government issued I.D.

Always check with the specific country's Embassy/Consulate to know if you need to apply for a visa or not. Some countries need a visa sticker on your passport, some are electronic and some can be obtained upon arrival (called visa-on-arrival). Once you have your visa, ensure to double check the conditions of the visa and its validity. In some countries that don't require a visa, there is still a number of days/months you are permitted to stay. We might be able to assist with visa applications to some countries, check with your agent for more information.

Australians are required to apply for an ETA for travel to Canada and ESTA for travel to the United States. To apply, click on for the USA and click on for Canada. Fees will apply.

Travel Insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Travel Insurance will protect you from unexpected misfortunes, like you getting sick overseas and will require to visit a doctor or hospital, baggage being stolen or lost, flight cancellations, accidental death and many more. Ensure to read the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) to be aware of what is covered and what not. Declare any pre-existing illness to be added to your Travel Insurance cover. Paying with your credit card with FREE travel insurance cover? Click on this LINK for more info.

The sooner, the better. Once you have finalised your travel dates, it is best to book. Especially on peak periods (Easter, Christmas, School Holidays, Summer), you can book up to 10 months in advance. Booking early have high chances of securing the cheapest airfares. We need your full name as per your passport, travel dates (advise flexibility) and your return dates.

In some cases, yes. Most promotions require payment straight away, some fares give you a few days to a week. If you find a good deal, it is best to pay early to avoid fare increase. Airlines can increase their fares with or without notice anytime.

You can pay by Cash, Credit Card (Visa/Master/AmEx) or direct deposit to our bank account (contact us for bank details). For Credit Card payments, please fill out our Credit Card Authorisation and forward to for processing. Please ensure to attach copy of your credit card (front and back) and your passport.

No, name changes are not allowed on Airline Tickets under any circumstance.

If you are not a citizen or a dual citizen of that country, you cannot have a one-way ticket to travel. You need to have a roundtrip or another ticket to exit that country.

Most tickets now include taxes on the airline tickets BUT not all countries. Ensure to check with your agent for any extra taxes payable.

It differs, depending on which airline you are flying with. Be sure to check your eTicket for your luggage allowance or check with your travel agent. Excess luggage will attract fees.

Once your tickets are issued, changing your travel dates will incur fees such as rebooking fees and fare differences. There are promotion fares where changes are not permitted. Check these fees/restrictions prior to paying for your ticket.

You can obtain frequent flyer points by signing up to the program (your choice of airline). Ensure to give your membership number at time of booking to ensure your points are credited. Not all airfares earn points, especially promo airfares, check with your agent or your frequent flyer provider as it varies from airline to airline.

Most of the tickets are now non-refundable nor transferable. Some tickets can be cancelled with a cancellation fee. Ensure to cancel your ticket at least 24hrs before departure to avoid more fees such as a no-show fee. Some tickets become of no value in the event of no-show.

Please ensure to advise your agent for any requests such as special meals, wheelchair assistance, unaccompanied minors, medical travel, allergies (Some airlines require allergy forms to be provided well ahead of departure).

Yes, you can (conditions apply). We offer our layby option through HSBC. please discuss with your agent for more information.

Yes, it is important to reconfirm to check your flight are as scheduled. Most airlines now allow you to check-in online 24-48 hours prior to departure. Reconfirm your flight times by looking up your flight details on the airline website or call/email us/your agent.